Applied Global Education

Global Education is a powerful instrument to build a good future.

We want to do justice to its full spectrum and to help explain just  how many aspects there are to it. So we’ve created www.AppliedGlobalEducation.Org to show the two sides of “academic” and “applied” and to create a better understanding for the wide scope of opportunities we can provide through ParentalPal.Org.

Looking ahead over the next weeks and months we invite you to have a closer look at two special events:

…… We shall present our strategy at the
…… 2011 Global Education Conference
…… on Friday,  Nov. 18th:

…… The presentation will be available online,
…… we shall post the link here.

…… In January a truly hot event
…… on global education will take
…… place in London, UK:

And, looking ahead a little further, there will be Dublin in September:

So, there is plenty to do, to think about and to look forward to !



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