About School Pal

This is a game changer.
Because today global conversation begins in childhood.

And conversation needs partners. Dialogue is not a solitary pastime.
Nor is education.

SchoolPal participation is exciting and rewarding. And free.

It is an open and ongoing invitation to pupils and students
to look over the fence of their accustomed playgrounds and
see what the rest of the world is up to.
Just to see and learn is fun and to turn new knowledge
into hands-on experiences and good stories has the power
to make a kid feel, think and act like a global citizen.

SchoolPal is open to any kid who wants to kick her or his bright
mind into gear and connect with others who think alike.

Its essence is quickly explained:

Embrace diversity.  Share ideas.  Question your beliefs.

Who, if not the young and curious ?

Dive deeper into the Good Mondays’ ways of new thinking,
check out Good Mondays.Org and watch the video clips.
It’s highly entertaining sport for the mind and it’ll very likely
get you in the right frame of mind to do your own thing too.

Go straight to SchoolPal to find out more !

GoodMondays.Org creates remarkable family connections world wide.
It is a paid service.  SchoolPal offers the opportunity to access this
unique platform for free – as a reward. It’s price or prize.
Give it your best shot !

This means the world to me!