Oho! Aha!

Welcome to the “Oho! Aha!” aka Eureka! page.

We are building a collection of particularly effective learning experiences. What they have in common: they explain really well, they’re easily understood, they are short and ever so useful. Please do add to the collection by letting us know about your favourites, either by commenting below or by mailing us the relevant material and links (suggestgoodstuff@schoolpal.org). We shall be happy to add inspiring stuff either below or in the Links & Ideas section. Thanx!

One of our all time favourites makes the start: How to use an Apostrophe!

click the screenshot above to see the whole visual.

Thanx & credit to “The Oatmeal” !

Here is another one: are you always 100% sure when to place a comma ?
TED-Ed can help:

An absolute MUST  in every creative soul’s list of bookmarks:

The Google Art Project, a wonderful invention:

And here comes a real goodie, telling you with stunning visuals
the whole history of  the world in just about 15 minutes, including
conclusions worthwhile contemplating:

Vodpod videos no longer available.


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